Beret And Thigh High Boots


Happy holiday dolls !  Hope you dolls enjoyed your holidays and made your new year resolution list. Looking back at 2017, I learned alot about myself and hope this year is filled with new experiences.  I also hope you dolls made use of the new year sales because I did lol.

As you can see in the picture, I am wearing my favorite new pair of thigh high boots by Steve Madden. These boots are to die for! I pared it up with a cute skirt I purchased from forever 21 and a fitted turtle neck long sleeve top. The added accessory to this outfit is the beret which makes the outfit look more high-end.  This outfit could be worn out to brunch with friends or date night without the beret. 


How To Wear A Sweater And Look Chic


Hope you dolls had an amazing thanksgiving break! Thanksgivings is my favorite holiday because of the Black Friday sales. This outfit I'm wearing is currently on sale on their website. I will provide the links below so you dolls can check it out. 

Today , I'm sharing my idea on how to wear a sweater and look chic. I'm loving the new off the shoulder sweater trend so I had to get on the bandwagon lol. I love wearing off the shoulder in the summer time so I'm glad sweaters are now becoming more stylish. This sweater is slouchy yet off the shoulder which makes it look dressed up yet casual. I paired up this sweater with a pastel bag  and pumps to make the outfit more trendy. I made sure the jeans I paired the sweater with had a little ripping on them to make the outfit edgy. This outfit  doubles as both weekend attire and brunch-friendly.

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Perfect Ending To A Perfect Summer


Happy Monday fashionistas ! I hope you all are starting off your week being positive. One of my favorite fashion trends this  summer is off the shoulder anything! It is a great way to show some skin without exposing to much of it. This outfit is perfect for brunch with some friends or a day out. You can also wear this same outfit with some pointy toe heels for date night. I particularly love this off the shoulder top because its a red  crop top with bell sleeves. This top made me feel like I was in the Rihanna-Wild Thought music video lol. I paired this outfit with a multicolor chunky heel to compliment both the top and the jeans.


Summer Isn't Over Yet


I can't believe its September already dolls! I am not ready to embrace the fall season yet lol. This summer, I decided to change my sense of style and update my entire wardrobe. I will be turning 24 this year so I felt a need for change. This outfit I'm wearing is one of the looks I added to my wardrobe. With the weather in transition , I created this look for both the summer and the fall. This outfit is a little bit Kim Kardashian inspired by the way.I picked out a distressed denim skirt because it gives the outfit an edgy yet girly look. The pink duster jacket and pink strappy heels to add color to the outfit. The white bodysuit was a perfect staple to the outfit because it added details with its tie front design. For jewelry, I wore a choker set  to add a simple glam to the outfit. 



Tropical In The City


Happy hump day dolls ! It's almost been a year since I launched my blog . I'm excited to show you guys my new sense of style .This outfit is very chic and budget friendly. As you can see, I'm wearing a white puff sleeve top . The back of the top is a hand tied bow which is to die for. I paired it with a high waisted jean and a yellow ruffle shoe. The yellow ruffle shoe compliments the puff sleeves and adds a pop of color to the outfit. Also, I wore a drop hoop earring since the top shows a lot of my shoulders.


My Fall Look :Feeling Gray

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Happy sunday!

Hey girlies! How have you guys been? I hope you guys are doing great. This holiday season has been pretty intense for me and I hope you guys have been making use of the sale lol. As you can see, I am wearing a really cute turtleneck dress. This dress can be worn pretty much to every setting this fall and is very easy to style.  It is stretchy but yet thick in fabric. The day I wore this dress, it was 55 degrees outside and I couldn't even feel the cold fall breeze. This dress is a perfect staple piece for the fall in my opinion. Also, the knee high boots were very easy to put on. I love the style and I felt it would compliment the short length of the dress. I hope you guys love my fall look. The outfit details is linked below :).

The Color Of Sunshine


I'm literally walking into fall. I love fall but I'm really going to miss summer. I hope you dolls are enjoying your week because I am :). My next post is going to be on a fall look so wait on it dolls lol. Now, lets talk about my outfit :). This dress is cute and the color compliments my skin tone. I usually wear dark colors a lot but I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I love this dress because it is not skin tight and its very playful. Also, the details on the shoulders are to die for. The shoes are abut 3.5 inches high and they are very comfortable. It is a chunky heel which is good for me because I am not a high heel person. I wore brown shoes and bag because I think brown brings out the dress. The color yellow is bright so it needs something dark to complement its tone.  The outfit details are down below :)

Dress: Zara ($22.00)                                  Bracelet: six 6 ( $8.99)            

Bag: Aldo Shoes ( $23.00)                                Necklace : Six 6 ( $9.99)

Shoes:Nordtrom Rack ($29.99)

In My Bodysuit

Good Afternoon fashion dolls!  My week has been pretty intense filled with homework and exams. It is my first month being in business school and it is a very intense program. I barely had time to post this cute outfit. My goal is to post every Wednesday :). 

Now, lets talk about my outfit! First let me tell you, these jeans are the I got it in a size 6 and it fits me perfectly. It is denim but it is stretchy. It fits tight and is very flattering on my curves. I am wearing one of my favorite bodysuit in a size 4 from This bodysuit is perfect for someone with a long torso . I wore a cute choker necklace to insinuate the details of the bodysuit. Hope you guys love this outfit! The details of this outfit is posted below. 

Bodyuit :Boohoousa (8.99)                 Chocker: Forever 21 ($4.99)

Shoes: Just fab (39.99)                        Jeans: Express (54.99) 

Meet Me Downtown


Hey dolls, this is my first ever fashion blog post so please bare with me lol. I want to thank my Instagram followers who gave me the courage to write this post. I haven't had enough time to put this website together so here goes nothing. This outfit I put together got so many  compliments as I was walking downtown dc. I literally created this outfit around my super cute knee high heels. I am literally in love with these heels lol. I wanted to show them off so I made sure I wore them with a mini skirt to show of the details of my heels. The heels are very comfortable and give back support. The skirt is denim but its made of a  stretchy denim material. I'm not really a skirt person but this skirt is one of my fave.  The material of the skirt is amazing because the skirt doesn't rise up when you walk. The shirt is cotton material. The shirt did not attract lint which is one of my pet peeves :). This outfit is affordable especially if your on a budget . The details of this outfit is posted below :)

Shirt: H & M ($12.99)    Skirt: Forever 21 ( $9.99)      Rings: Forever 21 ($3.99)  Bag: H&M ($5.00)

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( $21.99)      Bracelet : Forever 21 ( $8.99)