Meet Me Downtown


Hey dolls, this is my first ever fashion blog post so please bare with me lol. I want to thank my Instagram followers who gave me the courage to write this post. I haven't had enough time to put this website together so here goes nothing. This outfit I put together got so many  compliments as I was walking downtown dc. I literally created this outfit around my super cute knee high heels. I am literally in love with these heels lol. I wanted to show them off so I made sure I wore them with a mini skirt to show of the details of my heels. The heels are very comfortable and give back support. The skirt is denim but its made of a  stretchy denim material. I'm not really a skirt person but this skirt is one of my fave.  The material of the skirt is amazing because the skirt doesn't rise up when you walk. The shirt is cotton material. The shirt did not attract lint which is one of my pet peeves :). This outfit is affordable especially if your on a budget . The details of this outfit is posted below :)

Shirt: H & M ($12.99)    Skirt: Forever 21 ( $9.99)      Rings: Forever 21 ($3.99)  Bag: H&M ($5.00)

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( $21.99)      Bracelet : Forever 21 ( $8.99)